Why Mitton Media uses Traditional AM/FM Radio for Recruitment Advertising Strategies

So why does Mitton Media use traditional AM/FM Radio as part of our blended recruitment advertising strategies?

Traditional AM/FM Radio Reaches ALL Generations

  • In today’s job market, where nearly everyone who wants a job already has a job, it is critical for employers to proactively reach and engage PASSIVE job seekers. (“We already have a job. Why would we be looking for another job?”)
  • AM/FM Radio remains the number one reach medium in the U.S., according to Nielsen.
  • Nielsen Research says Radio has the most active users per month, totaling to 240 million consumers a month.
  • AM/FM stations reach 97 percent of the U.S. adult population.
  • According to Nielsen, Radio’s WEEKLY reach among the Millennials across the country is 92 percent.
    • What other medium reaches 92 percent of Millennials’ on a weekly basis?
  • Edison Research says while 74 percent of adults in the U.S. listen to AM/FM stations DAILY, only 15 percent are choosing Pandora and 6 percent are choosing Spotify.

Traditional AM/FM Radio is still King of Daylight Hours

According to Tony Hereau, Nielsen VP of audience insights:

  • Starting between 6am and 7am, radio becomes very dominant. Hereau says, “Once people get into their commute and work routine, that’s where radio really shoots up.”
    • Can you say, “Captive Audience?”
  • Data from Nielsen reinforces radio as the dominant reach medium during the daylight hours, 5am to 6pm.
  • Radio usage is greatest from 6am to 6pm, while TV takes over at night, capturing at least half of all media consumption from 6pm-6am.
  • While the recent data shows radio commands the most consistent usage across all age groups, Hereau says, “When you look at some of the younger demos, like 18-34, the story is even stronger. There are even more hours where radio is the top medium for share during the morning.”
  • Nielsen’s Total Audience Report also reinforces radio as an equal opportunity reach medium with a consistent performance across demos, races and ethnicities.

Mitton Media’s Expertise and Experience

  • Our president, John Mitton, is known as, “The Father of Broadcast Classifieds.” (Putting job ads on Radio and Television.)
  • We know where the bodies are buried.
  • Mitton Media’s recruitment advertising agency has nearly 25 years of experience planning, buying, placing, and creating effective hiring messages and strategies for radio.
  • We are not affiliated with any broadcast group. Our radio recruitment strategies are based only on what is in the best interest employers, not radio stations.
  • Mitton Media remains the only full-service recruitment advertising agency in North America to list “Radio Recruitment Advertising” as a specialty.


Mitton Media®

The staff of recruitment advertising professionals at Mitton Media design, produce, and execute blended recruitment advertising programs that GRAB ATTENTION and GENERATE IMMEDIATE RESPONSE.  “Hard-to-Fill,” “General Hire,” or “Mass Hiring.” “Professional,” “Skilled,” “Hourly,” or “Seasonal.” Mitton Media helps employers gain the competitive edge they need to be successful in today’s competitive workplace.

Contact Shana Reinhart for more information about Mitton Media’s services, capabilities, and JOBSPIPELINE®.

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