About Mitton Media®

What would you do with a degree in Behavioral Psychology?

mitton-media-aboutThe story behind the history of Mitton Media® and how we ended up starting the “Broadcast Classifieds” industry is pretty interesting.

After earning his degree in Behavioral Psychology our Founder and President, John Mitton, put that degree to good use by becoming a professional tour caddie on the LPGA Tour.

After a few years of tour experience, John asked the LPGA about the possibility of running a tournament event. The LPGA thought it was a great idea, too, but contingent on John first getting some Radio and Television broadcast sales experience in order to be able to handle broadcast negotiations and sponsorship contracts for the tournament.

So John moved back to Houston, Texas, and started learning everything he could about “Broadcast Sales.” As a new Account Executive, John had to combine innovation with creativity to develop his own streams of broadcast advertising revenues. Things shifted into high gear when he turned his attention toward employee recruitment advertising.

Seeing the success of Broadcast Advertising for B2B and Consumer advertising, John wondered why employers were not using Radio and Television as a resource for employee recruitment. He took the retail-based broadcast advertising model, modified it to create a recruitment-based broadcast advertising model, and the rest is history.

In fact John’s “Broadcast Classifieds,” advertising model, using behavior-based research for strategic placement of job ads on Radio and TV, delivered such great response for employers, John soon decided to open his own recruitment advertising agency, Mitton Media®, and subsequently became known as the originator of the “Broadcast Classifieds” industry.

The firm’s list of clients quickly grew to include a variety of employers in a number of different industries across the US and Canada. Today Mitton Media® remains the only recruitment advertising agency in North America to have “Broadcast Classifieds” as one of its specialty services.

The growth of Mitton Media®

Thanks to the expanding requests of our client base and referrals to colleagues working at other companies, Mitton Media’s list of services and capabilities eventually grew beyond recruitment advertising campaigns on Radio and Television.

Someone in an employer’s HR department would ask if Mitton Media® could help out with other types of media like outdoor, print, trade journals, airport kiosks, mobile ads, geotargeting, and digital ad campaigns. The answer was always the same, “You bet!” Staff members would then go out and not only learn how to use the media resource but also learn how to use it even more effectively and cost-efficiently, including developing multimedia strategies that blended recruitment-focused broadcast advertising with other media platforms.

Marketing departments at these same companies started hearing about Mitton Media’s unique methodologies and asked Mitton to consult on Product/Services and B2B advertising campaigns, too. It was out of one of these client relationships that Mitton’s corporate motto was born. Reviewing the successful results of a recent project, the client observed, “You want to know why I love working with you guys? Because you do all the work and I get all the credit!

Today Mitton Media® continues to deliver what clients need and makes sure employers are getting the attention they deserve. We take the pain out of the process and provide peace of mind for all their advertising, marketing, and branding needs. Yes, it’s true. At Mitton Media, We do the work. You get the credit.“®

What Mitton Media clients are saying…

“Mitton Media always goes above and beyond my expectations and I set my sights fairly high. When I present a challenge, their broad range of marketing and advertising knowledge and years of practical solutions gets pooled together and, magically, the “right” solution lands on my desk, already negotiated into a package that fits my budget and my company’s needs.” Todd F., Marketing Director, Oil & Gas Industry

“We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you how valuable Mitton Media has been to the Fluor organization. It is still unbelievable how many challenges we have overcome and milestones we have reached thanks to Mitton Media. The level of professionalism you have portrayed coupled with your knowledge and “can do” attitude were instrumental in this great success. Thanks for being just a phone call away and 24 hours a day at that.” Susana S., Global HR Director, Fluor Corporation

My experience with Mitton Media has been wonderful. It’s “One-Stop Shopping” from purchasing the media to recording the spots to getting prizes for our in-store promotions. And the other added-value incentives plus great customer service have been wonderful, too. Don’t know what we ever did without Mitton Media!” Jennifer B., Advertising/Marketing, Retail Industry

By the way….I’ve been getting feedback on our radio spot you created…..folks are listening and responding! The VP gave us positive feedback last week ...and while at the career fair at Rice, one of our competitor’s said he heard it, too, and wanted to know which agency had done the work. No, I didn’t tell him it was Mitton Media! (You’re our secret weapon.) The spot is definitely helping our branding efforts and has increased the number of resumes we have received and the number of students who come to our booth at the local college career fairs. Thanks again…..for all that y’all do! Martha J., HR Recruiter, Oil & Gas Industry

John, I enjoy working with you and your team at Mitton Media because of your media planning/buying expertise for Radio, TV and outdoor signage. Working with Mitton Media saves time and allows me to concentrate on other aspects of my projects so that I can efficiently manage my time and meet deadlines. Additionally, the quality of creative production and extra value-added incentives that Mitton Media consistently brings to the table are always beneficial to our medical center. Thank you for making my corporate life a little bit easier.” Chrissie M., Advertising/Marketing, Healthcare Industry