More Than the Numbers: It’s About SPOT-ON ASSESSMENT®

When you partner with an agency to do your media buying, it’s about more than just running the numbers. Here are some of the things MITTON Media offers:

  1. We put together a media strategy for your review and approval before any advertising is placed.
  2. We operate within your established budget parameters.
  3. We subscribe to market analysis tools to analyze the target markets and media habits of desired audiences.
  4. We build media plans with the right media mix to make sure your advertising message reaches the right target audience.
  5. We understand the need for Pilot Programs. These programs provide valuable information which help us make any necessary adjustments before the advertising campaign is rolled out in multiple markets.
  6. Our Media Planners & Buyers have a depth of experience across a wide range of traditional and non-traditional media resources.
  7. Our Media Buyers will provide requested information but also have the experience and expertise to make suggestions that will enhance the media buying that leads to your success.
  8. Our Media Buyers are experienced negotiators who know that successful negotiation involves more than just getting the best price. They negotiate with the objective of delivering both best price and best value at the best time or location where the target customer will be able to engage with the creative message.
  9. Our Media Buyers are ethical. They provide a full accounting of the media buying process.

MITTON Media has earned the trust and respect of our clients by having a process in place for creating and carrying out strategic media programs that deliver measurable results anchored to objectives of the program. Our turn-key approach to media buying involves thorough negotiation, ordering and management of the complete process, being fully accountable for all media campaign funds. We do the work. You get the credit…and enjoy the results.

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