Ensuring a better return on your investment

During initial planning sessions with clients we often hear fears about paying too much and getting too little in return for their advertising dollars. Overcoming this fear is one of the reasons MITTON Media stresses the importance of strategic planning as one of the cornerstones of a successful advertising or marketing program.

Making advertising decisions based on knee-jerk reactions or a reactionary mindset is not the smartest way to go. You lose money, make mistakes, and waste a lot of time and energy. That’s why clients of MITTON Media have come to rely on our proprietary SPOT-ON ASSESSMENT® process to point them in the right direction(s).

Strategic planning benefits the companies we work with in multiple ways like:

  1. Avoiding higher costs that come with placing last minute advertising schedules.
  2. Meeting important publication deadlines attached to time-sensitive opportunities and events.
  3. Taking advantage of special opportunities and pricing incentives.
  4. Gaining a competitive advantage by ensuring ideal placements.
  5. Enjoying the cumulative effect resulting from a consistent and strategic media program.


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